Q & A's

​Q. How long will my carpets take to dry?

A. This all depends on the level of soiling, room temperature and thickness of the carpet but on average your carpets will be dry in 2-3 hours.

Q. Will my carpets shrink?

A. As long as the cleaning solution is extracted properly and your carpets are not soaking wet then no they will not shrink.

Q. Once my carpets have been cleaned do they get dirtier quicker?

A. If the solution is extracted properly then there will be no residue left on the carpet (residues left on a carpet will go sticky and can attract dust and dirt) with our equipment we extract 90% of the solution this is more than enough to ensure this will not happen.

Q. Do I have to move all my furniture?

  • A. No we will move all furniture within reason if we feel an item of furniture is to heavy / awkward / fragile or likely cause personal injury we will work around it although we will endeavour to move as much as possible. If you don’t want any furniture moved thats no problem we can work around it basically ( clean what we can see) There are a few things that can be done by yourself to help with this process.

    Clear all personal items from floor.
  • Clear all personal items and ornaments from furniture e.g. side table, bedside table, chest of drawers etc.
  • Remove all personal items, boxes ect from underneath bed. Place on top if its a framed bed usually it can be cleaned underneath without being moved.​
  • For any other questions relating to furniture please give me a call to discuss.

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This short video will explain the full cleaning process.